Volkswagen – Think Blue May 8, 2013 0

A new advert to demonstrate Volkswagen fuel-saving Start/Stop technology – which automatically switches off the car’s engine when stationary available across the Volkswagen range. To find out more –

It follows the story of a loving father as he drives his baby around late at night to try and get him to sleep. It seems to work, but there’s one thing Dad didn’t count on; Volkswagen Start/Stop Technology.

Every time he stops at a traffic light, the Volkswagen Tiguan’s engine automatically cuts out, causing our baby to wake up and start crying. When the lights turn green, the engine hums back into life and the baby drifts happily back to sleep.

It ends with the Tiguan pulling up next to a Golf with another father having a similar problem. The fathers empathise and the ad concludes with a reassurance that at least drivers will save money on fuel.

Start/Stop Technology. Available across the range. Another way to Think Blue

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