Microsoft – Your Privacy is Our Priority | Internet Explorer April 22, 2013 0

The lines between public and private may never be perfect, but at Microsoft we are going to keep on trying, because your privacy is our priority.

Microsoft don’t attack Google by name (as expected) but insinuate that this is the case. ┬áMicrosoft believe your information should remain private and urge individuals to take a quiz to obtain information on what people perceive is an appropriate┬á/comfortable level of personal information to be held by an┬áorganisation.

This is an interesting┬áargument…surely it’s not so much about the information gathered, more how the information is used. ┬áI can see why gathering information for an enhanced browsing experience and targeted marking is important, both for the user to be introduced to relevant items of interest and sales/marketing to┬ápotential┬áconsumers….it’s where to draw the line. ┬áIt’s human nature to want to gather as much information and try to understand EVERYTHING, if not Google, someone else will be doing it…Governments etc Microsoft are no saints.


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